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7-12 watches


8-slot leather watch case

Crocodile PU leather

Precision handmade

  • GC02-MH-08
  • Specification
  • Feature
  • Accessory
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  • Mode No.GC02-MH-08
    Dimension(L.W.H)330x180x90 mm
    Package Dimension340x200x100 mm
    Slot size81x61x36 mm
    Capacity8 watches
    ColorGrey outside+ Black inside
    Outer materialMDF with Crocodile PU leather 
    Inner materialQuality leather
    Protection gridsYes
    Adjustable holder sizeYes 
    Safe keyYes 
    Lock or button openLock
    UsageDisplay,storage,business promotion

    Protection & Maintenace:

      1  Carry and move it slightly

      2   Don't shake it to keep pillows in order

      3   Erase possible dushes every day to keep it cleanest

      4   Put it on the correct and safe spot

      5   Always protect it together with protected timepieces inside

  • This nature crocodile leatherette watch case is handmade craftwork with 8 adjustable watch holders for different watch sizes,classic and luxury design for various outstanding brands. Suitable for counter sales and business promotion.

    l  Developed handmade

    l  Crocodile PU leather

    l  Hold 8 different watches

    l  Standardized size

    l  Strong weight capacity

    l  Comfortable hand touch

    l  Storage/display for unisex watches

    l  Convenient payment

    l  Safe packagings

    l  Suitable for sales promotion

    l  Qualified material sources

    l  Good product durability

    l  Adjustable watch holder sleeves suit for small or big watches

  • GC02-MH-08
    8-slot leatherette watch case
    Crocodile PU leather
    Precision handmade
  • GC02-MH-16
    16-slot leatherette watch case
    Crocodile PU leather
    Precision handmade


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